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Leviathan 2007

Porcelaine et oxyde

Longueur 350 cm


Golden Prize

 for Ceramics as expression

International Competition

the 4 th World Ceramic Biennale, Icheon, South Korea

Collection : The World Ceramic Center, Icheon.


This work already attracted the jury from the very beginning. It consists of four pieces showing a continuation form, but if looked closely it provides a discontinuation impression due to the tiny gaps between the pieces. It is quite clear that this work should be presented on the floor. The form and the lines of the surface show that the work was meant to be intimate with the floor. Since it is a ceramic piece that took a biomorphic form this work gives a strong impression of a natural thing that creeps on the surface of the earth in an intercourse manner. It is a very inspiring work.


Jury's statement by Jim Supangkat 2007



Photos de la démonstration durant le Festival Terralha, 2009, atelier Gisèle Buthod Garçon. Photos Michelle Castillo.